Optimizing platform for increased customer reservations

SnapIT Solutions’ DigiReserveIT™ is a world-class product built to serve world-class businesses. DigiReserveIT™ is the leading space management software that is designed to increase productivity that you and your business deserve.

best facility scheduling software

Benefits for facility scheduling

  • Dashboard metrics for revenue reporting
  • Easy management of past/future reservations with revenue reporting
  • Email notifications for reservation reminders
  • Payment tool with 24hr auto-canceling feature for unpaid holds
  • Multiple spaces + locations with floor maps
  • Space and asset details + images for customer reservations
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Admin features to improve customer experience

  • Customizable dashboard metrics for easy management
  • Drag and drop tool for asset management with easy layout images and maps
  • Full control on what and when your customers can view and reserve
  • Email communications that keep you connected with your customers and members
  • Member and customer password control and maintenance at your fingertips
conference room scheduling

User friendly customer features

  • Customer Login & Dashboards for easy access to your business’ services
  • User-friendly Interfaces that connects customers to your business
  • Mapping & Calendar Features that interacts with customers for visual effect
  • Auto-cancels unpaid space reservations, eliminating unnecessary holds
  • Automatic payment system for credit card payments with Stripe
  • Email notifications for reminders of events
space and location management

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